As you’re thinking about investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs) and what role they play in your portfolio, consider grabbing a copy of our book, iMoney.

There’s a strong chance ETF prices will be far north of where they are today in the next six to twelve months, and iMoney: Profitable ETF Strategies for Every Investor will help you develop your strategy.

There are a number of things any investor can learn from our book, including:

  • How to know when to enter the markets
  • How to choose an ETF that’s right for you and your portfolio
  • Having an exit strategy to protect yourself

When the markets recover, you will want to know how to enter with confidence by having a clear plan. You will also want to learn about getting out in time to save yourself on the downside if things become dicey again.

I know this is a shameless plug, but I don’t know of a better way to get investors up to speed in this exciting area. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Learn about how to use ETFs to your best advantage now so you can be prepared when the time comes!

Visit your favorite bookseller to make your purchase, or read about our book in more detail on our book page.


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