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Tom Lydon is an evangelist for exchange traded funds.” – Stan Choe, The Associated Press

“iMoney has received tremendous praise from the investment community, readers and book critics.” – Jim Slagle, Green Faucet

“[It] should be in every ETF investor’s reading bag as they head for the beach to beat the July heat.” – Carl Delfeld, ETF XRAY

“The authors cover the ETF waterfront. Whether you are a young investor just starting out or a seasoned stock veteran looking for new investment opportunities, this book is a valuable resource.” Sam Stovall, Chief Investment Strategist, Standard & Poor’s Equity Research

“Finally! Lydon and Wasik objectively analyze exchange traded funds for the average person. Me particularly liked iMoney‘s comparisons with more familiar mutual funds, the clear discussion about risks and the varying viewpoints from some of the industry’s smartest minds.” Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman, syndicated columnists for and authors of Quick Steps to Financial Stability

iMoney: Profitable Exchange-Traded Fund Strategies for Every Investor” by Tom Lydon and John Wasik is now available at both and Barnes & Noble!

Since iMoney was released, the ETF industry has changed. Read about how here.

ETFs are the hottest thing going right now for investors, and we’re living in volatile times. A college education isn’t always affordable. Your pension plan is gone. Your house is losing value. Your 401(k) isn’t putting up the numbers.

Who’s going to look out for you if you won’t?

If you let them work for you, ETFs are a simple and cost-effective way to build and protect your future.

Many investors have already realized this and have been buying ETFs for years now. As the ETF industry continues to grow, so does investor appetite for information. They want to know how ETFs work, how to invest and the answers to a million other questions they might never have thought to ask.

We’ve written this book to be of interest not only to newbie investors, but old hands, too. Maybe you know nothing about ETFs. Maybe you know something, and want to know more. Maybe you’re an ETF know-it-all. We hope that whoever you are, you will find something useful in this book.

Our book answers the most basic questions, such as “How do these work?” and we give a little history when we delve into where ETFs came from and we talk about where they’re going.

Most importantly, we offer simple strategies to make ETFs work best for you, wherever you are in life.

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