When it comes to investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs), before you do anything else, you need to have a strategy.

We discuss many of these points in our new book, iMoney: Profitable ETF Strategies for Every Investor. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your goals are: your strategy matters, and you need it. Choosing it before you decide to invest is one of the best decisions you’ll make, and it will inform all the investments you make from that point on. Investment News has an excerpt of our book this week.

Some ideas about investing:

  • Ignore the noise – attempting to outperform is an exercise in futility.
  • It’s not when you buy, but what you buy.
  • If you’re too tame to buy-and-hold, have a strategy in which you only invest in those funds trading above their 200-day moving averages. Have an exit strategy ready when it drops below the trend line or 8% off its high.

Our book is now available both online and in stores! Stop by our book page to read more about it and purchase your copy.

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