iMoney: Profitable Exchange-Traded Fund Strategies for Every Investor” by Tom Lydon and John Wasik will be published this summer by Prentice Hall.

ETFs are the hottest thing going right now for investors, and we’re living in volatile times. A college education isn’t always affordable. Your pension plan is gone. Your house is losing value. Your 401(k) isn’t putting up the numbers.

Who’s going to look out for you if you won’t? If you let them work for you, ETFs are a simple and cost-effective way to build and protect your future.

Many investors have already realized this and have been buying ETFs for years now. As the ETF industry continues to grow, so does investor appetite for information. They want to know how ETFs work, how to invest and the answers to a million other questions they might never have thought to ask.

We’ve written this book to be of interest not only to newbie investors, but old hands, too. Maybe you know nothing about ETFs. Maybe you know something, and want to know more. Maybe you’re an ETF know-it-all. We hope that whoever you are, you will find something useful in this book.

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