Predictions are just that — predictions — and by no means fact, and while some of the ones out there regarding exchange traded funds (ETFs) for the coming year are right on, others we feel are a bit of a miss.

The always-entertaining Chuck Jaffe of MarketWatch foresees that dozens, if not hundreds, of relatively new ETFs closing up shop this year. Sure, we posted about a report earlier this week saying the newbie ETFs are experiencing a bit of struggle as they try to get assets, but we don’t think things are that dire.

Certainly some ETFs won’t be successful as others and they may disappear. But hundreds? That’s a huge dent in the roughly 600 ETFs available and something that we feel is highly unlikely to happen.

The industry has learned its lesson from the glut of mutual funds it offered at the market top. Many of them were of a "throw it up and see what sticks" variety, and it’s no surprise that a great number of them failed to attract assets and suffered from sub-market performacne. These days, many ETFs are launched only after much research, exploration and consideration of what the market wants and/or needs. The flow in assets to ETFs speak for themselves.

One thing we’re certain of this year is that hundreds of conventional mutual funds will likely be heading off to that big mutual fund junk yard in the sky.

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