Nanotechnology companies are ready to go public, just in time to evolve into exchange traded funds (ETFs). James Flanigan for The New York Times reports that this type of step is a big stage in the evolution of nanotechnology. Nurtured on billions of dollars in government grants and venture investments for most of this decade, nanotech products are already widely in use in industry. Nanotechnology is the science of materials measured at a billionths of a meter, or one-500ths of a human hair.

An increase of nanotechnology products are in the offing, and already things like cosmetics, apparel and sporting goods are utilizing this science.  For instance, a clothing article with nanoparticles that repels stains. Solar energy, touch screens like ATMs and cellphones, and carbon nanotechnologies for the future of semiconductors, are a few of the uses for this industry.

PowerShares Lux Nanotech (PXN) is ripe for the timing. It invests in companies related to development, manufacturing and funding of nanotechnology. With more companies going public, it offers more possibilities for this ETF and possible future ETFs.

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