Jonathon Greenblatt wants to change the world and help exchange traded funds (ETFs), one bottled water at a time. He is the co-founder of Ethos water, a business whose mission is to provide the world’s children with clean drinking water. This local enterprise started in health clubs, schools and cafes. It then went on to Whole Foods before eventually coming to Starbucks, reports Lara Seligman for The Daily Pennsylvanian. In fact, every bottle of Ethos water sold in Starbucks will donate 5 cents to the global water crisis, giving drinking water to countries in need.

On the government side, Congress is negotiating the Clean Water Restoration Act H.R.2421. The outcome would give the Federal government the right to gauge how normal activities affect every drop of water that falls on your land, reports Jonathon Youngberg for AGWeekly. Federal bureaucrats could visit farms, ranches and even your very own lawn to see how, say, altering how your lawn slopes, changes how rainwater runs off.

This is a bit extreme and there is an easier way to help the water crisis and make sure your energy goes into companies that help secure clean drinking water here and abroad. Many of the clean water ETFs invest in companies that manufacture clean drinking water, and make the machinery for purification and distribution.

An ETF to take a look at if this is an issue that concerns you is PowerShares Water Resources (PHO), which is up 16.36% year-to-date

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