Images Van Eck Global is going to add another creative exchange traded fund (ETF) to it’s family of  Market Vectors. They are launching the world’s first nuclear energy ETF this fall, awaiting final SEC approval.  Jon A. Nones for Resource Investor reports the ETF will track the DAXglobal Nuclear Energy Index, a modified market-cap index that tracks global companies from uranium miners to final electrical generation. The index is made up of common stocks and depository receipts that are listed for trading on major stock exchanges around the world, using a market-cap weighted method. All companies will derive at least 50% of total revenues from the nuclear energy business.  The seven areas covered in the ETF include:

  1. Uranium mining
  2. Uranium enrichment
  3. Uranium storage
  4. Uranium and nuclear equipment
  5. Nuclear plant infrastructure
  6. Nuclear fuel transportation
  7. Nuclear energy generation

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