One of our fellow subscribers, Adam Weinstein, is a former broker.  He got in touch with us and told us his story about using exchange traded funds (ETFs) and we thought we would share it with you.  We invite any of our readers to reach out to us with stories, comments, suggestions or anything else pertaining to the ETF world.

Adam started work as a stock broker nearly 15 years ago and was involved in insurance and investment management.  With his experience and understanding of investments, he decided to use ETFs for all of his investments.  He says, "ETFs are just the place to be."  He sites the benefits of ETFs including, tax efficiency, lower fess, all day trading and the fact they can be sold short.  Global investing is important to Adam, as is the the ability to buy certain commodities, which are now available to investors through ETFs.  He hopes individual investors continue to read, learn and follow the news about ETFs, as "It’s a great place!"

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