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As more take a second look at the developing world, fixed-income investors can also tap the emerging markets through local currency debt-related exchange traded funds. BlackRock Inc. believes that central bank cuts across the emerging markets will extended the largest surge in debt in at least 13 years, Bloomberg reports. “We are in a sweet […]

Jerome M. Schneider, Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management at PIMCO, joined ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon to discuss short-term bond ETF options that investors and financial advisors can use for capital preservation. For instance, PIMCO offers the PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF (NYSEArca: MINT) and the PIMCO Low Duration Active ETF, (NYSEArca: LDUR). While […]

As the European Central Bank embarks on a bond purchasing binge, the quantitative easing event has depressed yields across the Eurozone and pushed many toward riskier assets in search of higher payouts. Fixed-income investors may capitalize on the shift with high-yield international bond exchange traded funds that include European debt exposure. The ECB has enacted […]

Riskier speculative-grade debt and bond-related exchange traded funds have retreated over the past year and are trading at relatively attractive valuations. However, rising corporate default rates could bar the asset category from a full recovery. Junk bonds have rebounded alongside the equities market from the February lows. Year-to-date, the SPDR Barclays High Yield Bond ETF […]

While the Federal Reserve has revealed its intent to hike interest rates some time this year, fixed-income yields may remain depressed and bond related exchange traded funds could more room to run. On the upcoming webcast, Dynamic Fixed Income Strategies for 2016, David Mazza, Managing Director and Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at […]

While the Federal Reserve has pushed off interest rate hikes, exchange traded fund investors should begin thinking about ways to position their fixed-income portfolios to navigate more turbulent conditions. On the upcoming webcast, Dynamic Fixed Income Strategies for 2016, David Mazza, Managing Director and Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at State Street Global […]

Each week ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon sits down for “ETF of the Week” for MarketWatch on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife Show where he highlights big movers and disappointments among exchange traded funds. This week, he looked at the iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETF (NYSEArca: EMB). As the emerging markets rebound, fixed-income investors may look to this emerging […]

Fixed-income investors seeking to diversify their holdings can look to municipal bonds and related exchange traded funds for their attractive yields, especially in a taxable investment portfolio. On the recent webcast, Goundhog Day: Will the Muni Market See Its Shadow in 2016?, Ashton P. Goodfield, Co-Head of the Municipal Bond Department and Portfolio Manager for Municipal […]

Municipal bond exchange traded funds could continue to strengthen in the month ahead as supply falls off with muni debt sales set to decline and the amount of redemptions and maturing debt on the rise. Year-to-date, the iShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond ETF (NYSEArca: MUB) gained 0.6%, SPDR Nuveen Barclays Municipal Bond ETF (NYSEArca: TFI) […]

Municipal debt and bond-related exchange traded funds have been standout performers over the past couple of years. But what can muni bond investors expect for the year ahead? On the upcoming webcast, Goundhog Day: Will the Muni Market See Its Shadow in 2016?, Lisa Poniewaz, ETF Regional Vice President at Deutsche Asset Management, Ashton P. Goodfield, […]

After an extended period of underperformance, emerging market debt and bond-related exchange traded funds could provide great value for fixed-income investors. “Given where prices are now, the apocalypse could be priced in, and unless you believe that we are about to live through another period like the late 90s (the Asian crisis, a devaluation in […]

As the European Central Bank and Bank of Japan implement aggressive quantitative easing measures, income-starved investors overseas are eyeing the relatively attractive yields in the U.S., potentially supporting U.S. corporate bonds and related exchange traded funds. Almost $8 trillion in global bonds have negative yields, which has pushed fund managers from around the world to […]

Investors can use leveraged and inverse exchange traded funds to hedge a long position against sudden turns or capture short-term trends in more volatile market conditions. On the recent webcast, Tactical Strategies to Combat Market Volatility, Sylvia Jablonski, Managing Director and Co-Head of the Capital Markets & Institutional Strategy Team at Direxion, points out that […]

After the Federal Reserve suggested that it is willing to see inflation rise before hiking interest rates, fixed-income investors turned to Treasury inflation protected securities and bond-related exchange traded funds to hedge against the negative effects of higher consumer prices. In March, the iShares TIPS Bond ETF (NYSEArca: TIP) attracted $832.3 million in net inflows, […]

High-yield, speculative-grade bond exchange traded funds are attracting billions of dollars as market volatility dissipates and investors look to capitalize on cheaper valuations in riskier assets after the recent sell-off. Investors funneled $2 billion into funds in high-yield and high-yield municipal debt peer groups over February, Todd Rosenbluth, S&P Global Market Intelligence Director of ETF […]

With Treasury yields regaining ground as market volatility dissipates and inflation expectations rise, rate-hedged bond exchange traded funds are beginning to outperform. The yield on benchmark 10-year Treasuries are back to 1.92% Monday, compared to a low of 1.567% in mid-February. Treasuries continued to slip Monday as yields pushed higher after two Federal Reserve officials […]

Jan van Eck, CEO of Van Eck Global, joined ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon to go over some alternative fixed-income exchange traded fund strategies as we look to higher interest rates ahead. For instance, van Eck pointed to safer municipal bonds and even high-yield munis as a way for investors to continue to generate attractive […]

Fixed-income investors may gain exposure to U.S. dollar-denominated emerging market debt through ETF options EMB has a 7.01 year duration and a 5.30% 30-day SEC yield PCY has a 8.34 year duration and a 5.90% 30-day SEC yield VWOB has a 6.2 year duration and a 4.95% 30-day SEC yield LEMB has a 4.77 year duration and a 4.73% […]

Fixed-income investors who want to squeeze out a little more yield can look to a high-yield bond exchange traded fund ANGL tracks so-called fallen angel, speculative-grade debt, or bonds that started out with investment-grade ratings but were later downgraded to junk territory ANGL includes a hefty 73.9% tilt toward BB-rated debt, along with 11.5% B, 4.0% […]

Treasury bond-related ETFs could continue to weaken as rising inflation and Federal Reserve interest rate normalization send yields higher Investors have raised bets on the Fed moving rates in 2016 after a gauge of inflation expectations The probability of the Fed hiking rates this year rose to 78%, the highest in two months Despite concerns about […]

Fixed-income investors are easing into Treasury inflation protected securities and bond-related ETFs Investors are shifting into TIPS assets as U.S. core PCE inflation rose 1.7% year-over-year in January With deflationary concerns at all time highs, contrarian investors may be turning to TIPS to get a head start on rising inflation After deflation fears hit record highs, […]

A number of cheap, easy-to-use bond ETFs are available to average retail investors Fixed-income market does not have the level of liquidity that most stock investors are accustomed to On the other hand, fixed-income investors may turn to bond ETFs, which track a portfolio of bonds and are traded on an exchange like a stock Investors […]

ETF industry continued to accumulate assets in February Global exchange traded products, which include both ETFs and exchange traded notes, gathered $9.4 billion Garnering investors’ attention over February, ETFs that track gold price movements saw a new monthly flow record of $7.2 billion The exchange traded fund industry continued to accumulate assets in February on […]

Invesco PowerShares introduces DWIN that targets diversified, high-yielding assets The new ETF is a fund of funds, which means that it holds ETFs as its underlying component It may also favor overweighting U.S. Treasuries and reduce holdings to less than five components Invesco PowerShares has introduced a multi-asset income exchange traded fund to provide yield-oriented investors […]

Fixed-income ETF investors may want to favor riskier plays Investment-grade corporate bonds, high-yield debt and bank loans may boost returns while offering less volatility than stocks Bond investors interested in riskier investments with the promise of higher yields can turn to speculative-grade or junk bond ETFs With all the doom-and-gloom dissipating and the market rebounding, […]

ETF investors have turned to more steady fixed-income assets iShares U.S. fixed income ETFs attracted $7 billion in net assets over February However, with the stock market picking up and risk aversion dissipating, fixed-income investors are shifting back into riskier debt While the equities markets oscillates, exchange traded fund investors have turned to more steady fixed-income […]

U.S. Treasury bonds and related ETFs find support from yield-starved foreign investors U.S. Treasuries strengthened, along with Japanese Government Bond, on renewed safe-haven demand As yields on foreign government debt slip lower, other highly rated country debt grows relatively more attractive As yields on international government debt fall to new lows, U.S. Treasury bonds and related […]

Strengthened speculative-grade debt may continue to support junk bond-related ETFs If fixed-income market follows historical trends, junk bonds may continue to rally over the next few weeks Financials are the best performing sector when junk bond ETFs rise, according to Kensho data The renewed risk-on environment has helped speculative-grade debt strengthen could continue to support junk […]

The Webster Dictionary defines an anomaly as “something that is unusual or unexpected, a deviation from the rule.” However, if observed anomalies continue to rise in frequency, are they still anomalies? This is the debate many market participants have when analyzing recent returns. For example, the daily returns and standard deviation (“sigma”) of the S&P […]