WisdomTree Launches New Platform to Give Financial Advisors More Tools

Along with its various services, WisdomTree has entered into the separate accounts space with its new lineup of ETF Model Portfolios, or asset allocation models designed to meet client needs. The portfolio construction services will include optimization tools to help advisors hone in on WisdomTree ETFs, along with other options, to build the most suitable portfolio for a target strategy, such as income generation.

“The models offer advisors a macro view delivered by WisdomTree,” Skrobe said. “It offers model portfolios at a competitive fee and may provide excess performance to clients at fees comparable to a beta portfolio.”

Specifically, key features of the WisdomTree Digital Portfolio Developer, an enhanced portfolio construction tool for financial advisors, include options such as stress testing scenarios that look at hypothetical returns during various market conditions, compare portfolios side-by-side based on key metrics, an open architecture platform taht includes over 25,000 mutual funds and ETFs with holdings-level analysis, and easy usability.

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