WisdomTree Joins the Multi-Factor, Smart Beta ETF Fracas

Components are also weighted by their inverse volatility over the past 12 month period through measuring the standard deviation over the past 12 months. Holdings with lower volatility receive higher weights.

“WisdomTree’s existing suite of dividend- and earnings-weighted ETFs have typically tapped into the smart beta factors of value, quality and size and, in many instances, have outperformed their market capitalization-weighted benchmarks, while exhibiting relatively low tracking error against those benchmarks,” Luciano Siracusano, Chief Investment Strategist at WisdomTree, explained in a note. “But, for investors willing to assume higher tracking error relative to traditional market capitalization-weighted benchmarks, a multifactor approach, such as the WisdomTree U.S. Multifactor Fund, has the potential to enhance returns, while providing greater factor diversification and thus, may lower volatility compared to single-factor approaches.”

Sector weights include information technology 23.5%, financials 14.6%, health care 13.7%, consumer discretionary 13.3%, industrials 10.5%, consumer staples 9.8%, energy 5.4%, materials 3.4%, utilities 3.3%, telecom 2.3% and real estate 0.2%.

Top holdings include Oracle 1.4%, Harris Corp. 1.3%, Exxon Mobil 1.3%, Broadridge Financial Solutions 1.3% and Chevron 1.2%.

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