What to Expect from the New ETF Database & ETF Trends | ETF Trends

As the exchange traded fund industry grows and matures, with rising demand among institutional, advisory and retail investors, ETF trends and ETF Database merged in February 2019 to come together under the new parent company ETF Flows to better help advisors access the most up-to-date market and industry news and reach a wider audience to educate more about the benefits of incorporating the nifty ETF investment vehicle in a diversified portfolio.

“It came down to us sitting down together and thinking about what the ETF-centric advisor needs for their next five years to run their practice most efficiently and effectively to deliver value to their clients,” Tom Hendrickson, CEO of ETF Database, said at Inside ETFs 2019.

Both ETFtrends.com and ETFdb.com will remain as stand-alone independent digital properties, but together the partnership will allow the two to collaborate on all initiatives across both brands including native content channels, webcasts, video, data, and social media.

“What you’re bringing to the table, and our merged entity, is your editorial strengths and video production, the webcast offering where we can engage advisors for an hour about topical categories – they can garner a CE credit from it – those are all things that advisors need,” Hendrickson added.

“What you guys bring to the table is all this data science. Your staff is just tremendously smart about search engine optimization, making sure that if any advisor has any question about any ETF, they’re probably coming to ETF Database first and we can help support that,” Tom Lydon, CEO of ETF Trends, said.

The merger joins the two global leaders in virtual ETF education who together reach 5 million impressions on ETFtrends.com and ETFdb.com each month. Through ETF webcasts and virtual investment conferences, the two companies reach more than 100,000 financial advisors each year who represent $3.5 trillion in assets.

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