The Great Debate: Growth vs. Value

The post-Covid recovery was fast and heavily favored growth stocks. But with economic uncertainty and an upcoming election, value has shown promise as well. In this exciting 1 hour webinar with T. Rowe Price, we break down the current state of the market and the outlook through the lens of value and growth mandates.

October 22, 2020
11am PT | 2pm ET
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Join Dave Nadig, CIO of ETF Trends and ETF Database, in this rare chance to peek under the hood of time-tested active strategies to learn:

  • What could cause the next great factor shift
  • Why it's important to go beyond a simplistic approach to Growth and Value
  • The bull -- and bear -- case for growth and value
  • Why basic index-only methodologies can fall short at times when active can make sense

NOT accepted for one hour of CFP/CIMA CE credit for live and on-demand attendees

CFA Institute members are encouraged to self-document their continuing professional development activities in their online CE tracker.


John D. Linehan, CFA

Portfolio Manager
T. Rowe Price

Caleb Fritz, CFA

Portfolio Specialist
T. Rowe Price

Dave Nadig

CIO, Director of Research
ETF Trends and ETF Database

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