Stacking Returns Strategies for Overcoming a Low Return Environment

Despite the recent pullback, many advisors are concerned about valuations in global equity markets. But in the current yield environment, simply diversifying into bonds isn't particularly attractive. What's really needed is a new approach to generating long term consistent returns that uses all the tools in the toolbox to manage risk and enhance potential returns at the same time.

In this CE-credit eligible, one hour webinar, the experts from Newfound Research, ReSolve Asset Management and WisdomTree Asset Management will present new and compelling research that suggests capital efficiency -- maximizing the work every invested dollar does in a portfolio -- could be the key to unlocking a next-generation total return portfolio. You won't want to miss this provocative discussion.


January 28, 2022
11am PT | 2pm ET
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Dave Nadig, CIO of ETF Trends and ETF Database, will moderate a discussion on:

  • Why 60/40 may not be enough to navigate the new market regime successfully
  • How you can "stack” diversified returns on top of your 60/40 returns in order to have your cake and eat it too
  • Ideas on how to implement "return stacked" capital efficiency into your portfolios using retail friendly ETF’s and Mutual funds available today

NOT accepted for one hour of CFP/CIMA CE credit for live and on-demand attendees

CFA Institute members are encouraged to self-document their continuing professional development activities in their online CE tracker.


Corey Hoffstein

Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Newfound Research

Rodrigo Gordillo

President and Portfolio Manager
ReSolve Asset Management Global*

Jeremy Schwartz, CFA

Global Chief Investment Officer
WisdomTree Asset Management

Dave Nadig

CIO, Director of Research
ETF Trends and ETF Database

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