How Trend-Following Can Help Your Investment Participate in Positive Trends and Minimize Losses

Instead of feeling left behind in an ever-changing market environment, investors can turn to an equity trend-following investment strategy that can adapt to the shifts as they come.

December 14, 2022
11am PT | 2pm ET
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In the upcoming webcast, Pacer ETFs and VettaFi will outline a dynamic trend-based investment strategy that allows financial advisors to follow the price movement of an investment over time using an unbiased approach.

  • An overview of the current market environment and where we are heading
  • A highlight of a dynamic trend following strategy that shifts exposure to equity markets based on prevailing market trends
  • How financial advisors can use a trend-following strategy to participate in positive market trends and minimize losses in negative trending conditions


Sean O'Hara

Pacer ETFs Distributors

Tom Lydon

Vice Chairman

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This complimentary webcast is for financial professionals only and is closed to the public.

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