Hedge of Tomorrow: An Advisor’s Guide to Managing Foreign Exchange Risk

The continued rise of in strength of the U.S. dollar is having profound impacts on the global market. Forecasting spot currencies is never easy, and Investors need to understand how to evaluate whether they should hedge their current risk. In the next 30-minute strategy discussion, participants will have a chance to ask questions and engage in thoughtful discourse with DWS and VettaFi on investing in international markets and better managing foreign exchange risks that come with a strong U.S. dollar environment.

November 8, 2022
9:30a PT | 12:30p ET
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Topics we'll be sure to cover in this 30-minute LiveCast include:

  • Portfolio strategies for a strong dollar
  • Learn how to implement a simple FX hedging strategy that may lower volatility, deliver positive carry income, and differentiate your practice in the process
  • Myths and misperceptions uncovered about costs, correlations, and carry
  • The challenges involved in predicting central bank activity timing


Jason Chen

Sr. Research Analyst, DWS Research Institute

Todd Rosenbluth

Head of Research

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