We Talk Careers: Mental Health at Work with Lara Crigger | ETF Trends

Lara Crigger, the Editor-in-Chief at VettaFi, joined host Kristine Delano on the We Talk Careers podcast, part of the Women in ETFs organization, to cover how work is good for mental health as what limits there are, and how to best balance life.

As quickly established in the episode, now overseeing content strategy and providing direction while helping develop new opportunities, Crigger has had 15 years of experience, first as a freelance writer and later for other websites, before joining VettaFi (at the time known as ETF Trends and ETF Database).

She has followed the trailblazers and trends shaping the ETF industry. From SEC rulings to securities law, from market structure to market movers, Crigger is always looking for misunderstood or overlooked stories worth telling. With that in mind, it is crucial to understand the necessity of keeping track of one’s mental health while at work.

The rest of the episode focuses on Delano and Crigger discussing how work is good for mental health, but negative working environments, as well as inadequate work/life boundaries, can lead to physical and mental health problems. There’s good personal advice, examples to learn from, and more.

Listen to the whole episode for guidance on prioritizing one’s mental health while on the job.

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