Virtus Launches Active Global ETF Based Off Wellington Management Strategy

Virtus ETF Solutions has partnered up with Wellington Management to launch an actively managed ETF to help investors gain long-term global market exposure through various market conditions.

Virtus Investment Partners rolled out the Virtus WMC Global Factor Opportunities ETF (NYSEArca: VGFO), which comes with a 0.49% expense ratio.

The actively managed ETF is managed by Wellington’s Gregg R. Thomas, Senior Managing Director and Associate Director of Investment Strategy and Risk, and Thomas S. Simon, Managing Director and Director of Equity Risk Management and Investment Strategy and Risk.

“This new relationship allows Virtus to leverage Wellington Management’s proprietary, independent research and vast expertise in global equities, as well as its advanced risk management platform, to structure a portfolio that adapts to an evolving economic climate,” William J. Smalley, executive managing director and head of product strategy and management, Virtus ETF Solutions, said in a note.

The Virtus WMC Global Factor Opportunities ETF will try to achieve capital appreciation by trying to outperform the global equity market over a full market cycle with comparable level of risk, according to a prospectus sheet.

Wellington Management Company portfolio managers will employ a proprietary, multi-factor approach based on quantitative and qualitative research and analysis. They will identify investment opportunities by region and, within each region, allocate to equity securities that the managers believe share complementary factors.