VictoryShares' Fixed Income Plays for 2020 | ETF Trends

Looking at initiatives taken, VictoryShares ETFs finished 2019 with an announcement that, five years after starting, they had crossed $5 billion in assets. The focus in this first quarter has been about building traction in fixed income.

ETF Trends spoke with the President of VictoryShares and Solutions, Mannik S. Dhillon, about the plans for moving forward. First off, Dhillon stated how they’ve added an active ETF capability to their stable with the USAA transaction. It’s proven to be a hot topic for investors when dealing with fixed income.

Having two very competitive fixed income ETFs, the VictoryShares USAA Core Intermediate-Term Bond ETF (UITB) and the VictoryShares USAA Core Short-Term Bond ETF (UTSB), managed by the same team that’s managing Victory’s large mutual fund fixed income business, the USAA Investments franchise, has been resonating very well with their clients.

Keeping Clients Informed

This comes from the work done to educate and inform these clients. It’s proven to be valuable in taking these sort of extend and expand opportunities, as everyone is looking at their portfolios, in an effort to find clarity.

“For example,” Dhillon begins, “We have clients in common where they’re ETF buyers, and we’ve sold them equity ETFs in the past, and they’ve owned passive fixed income ETFs. So, we’re talking to them about the benefits of active management and bond selection in the fixed income space versus what is normally a passive approach.”

Additionally, Dhillon explains how those who are mutual fund fixed income buyers are also looking at similar mutual funds but can get something at VictoryShares in a beneficial ETF wrapper. Given the successful path VictoryShares has been on, taking the right steps in assessing client priorities for the better, with available options showing what a benefit it is to stay in the ETF space.

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