The Value of Attending Webcasts for Advisors

Investing has always been a fast-moving space. Webcasts, or webinars, offer an easy, convenient medium for advisors to grow their product knowledge — and thus their portfolios. Markets change daily, and new product ideas are introduced every day. Staying on top of the latest trends, portfolio ideas, and thought leadership is critical for advisors who wish to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. 

Webcasts Are a Convenient Medium to Dig Deep 

Because webcasts can be viewed from anywhere and are frequently available on demand, they are an excellent medium to present deep and complex ideas. Webcasts are a natural vessel to explore investment use cases. They break down the specific process details about how a product is managed. 

They also bring the experts directly to your office (or screen!). Watching a webcast from the comfort of your office makes it a low-stress/high-reward way to gain additional expertise. You can hear directly from innovators and product developers and ask them questions. Reading about a product is always helpful, but having the opportunity to hear the experts address your specific questions is extremely useful. Webcasts provide viewers with some agency over the direction of the conversation. 

The Path of Least Resistance to CE Credits 

Keeping on top of CE credits can be a daunting, time-consuming task. Webcasts offer an extremely simplified way to earn CE credits. ETF Trends webcasts, for example, handle all of the reporting and paperwork. This means you can focus on the information being presented, with the comfort and security of knowing that CE credits are coming your way. Because our webcasts are free, this makes them an easy and inexpensive way to level up your knowledge and earn the credits you need. 

Award-Winning Excellence 

ETF Trends is the industry’s home base for ETF news, award-winning research, and expert insights. Accordingly, our virtual symposiums and host of webcasts have become a primary source for connecting industry leaders to advisors and investors. 

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