USCF Launches Dividend Income Fund With Miller/Howard Investments

USCF today announced it has launched the USCF Dividend Income Fund (NYSE Arca: UDI) with sub-advisor Miller/Howard Investments, a Woodstock, NY-based, research-driven portfolio management firm. The actively managed exchange traded fund seeks a high level of current income and, as a secondary objective, growth of income, by investing in U.S. exchange traded dividend-paying and dividend-growth companies that meet the fund’s environmental, social, and governance criteria.

Miller/Howard’s investment philosophy emphasizes income-producing equities as an essential element to aid long-term wealth building. Dividend income can be used to meet current spending needs or, when reinvested, to drive the power of compounding. Miller/Howard has integrated ESG analysis with fundamental research since the inception of its first strategy in 1991.

“As an asset manager who specializes in commodities and alternative investments, USCF is focused on offering unique investment opportunities,” said John Love, president and CEO of USCF, in a news release. “UDI offers the potential for what Miller/Howard calls ‘unfixed income’ by participating in a growing income stream, which can serve as an alternative hedge against inflation. Traditional fixed income securities cannot provide this inflation hedge due to the fixed nature of their payments.”

UDI is the second collaboration between USCF and Miller/Howard, with the first being the launch of the USCF Midstream Energy Income Fund (UMI) last March. Miller/Howard’s research and analysis focuses on the quality of a company, its ability to grow income, and the sustainability of its business model and practices.

“We see a company’s ability to pay and grow the dividend as a marker of financial strength and stability,” said Luan Jenifer, CEO of Miller/Howard Investments. “In addition, our ESG research helps us to understand and avoid risks that the financials alone might not uncover.”

“Miller/Howard has been a great partner,” Love added. “We are thrilled for the opportunity to work together again.”

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