USAA Steps Into the ETF Arena

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USAA has been a major institutional investor of ETFs. For instance, USAA was a major contributing factor to the rapid growth of the Goldman Sachs’ suite of smart beta ETFs as recent filings show USAA held hundreds of millions of dollars in Goldman’s ActiveBeta line. The firm has also developed a strong base in the fixed income space for more than four decades.

“At USAA, we continually strive to meet our members’ needs and help them achieve their financial goals. We’ve had a long and successful history offering marketplace ETFs and currently have more than $5 billion invested in third party ETFs through multiple asset classes,” John Spear, Chief Investment Officer, USAA Mutual Funds, said in a note. “When you add our core competency of active fixed income fund management and track record providing smart beta strategies, it was a logical next step to offer USAA-branded ETFs to complement our investment solutions and help our members prepare for their financial future.”

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