Growth was spurned by a mix of tax cuts, deregulation and spending increases. Federal Reserve officials forecast GDP to rise 2.8 percent for 2018 in the aggregate, but diminish to 2.4 percent in 2019 followed by 2 percent in 2020.

ETF with Short Treasury Strategy Gains

One ETF that is benefitting from the fall in Treasury yields is the ProShares Investment Grade—Intr Rt Hdgd (BATS: IGHG). IGHG was up 0.27% today as of 2:05 p.m. ET and is up 2.36% within the last three years.

IGHG investment seeks investment results that track the performance of the Citi Corporate Investment Grade (Treasury Rate-Hedged) Index, which is comprised of long positions in USD-denominated investment grade corporate bonds issued by both U.S. and foreign domiciled companies and short positions in U.S. Treasury notes or bonds–the latter helping to contribute to its upward momentum today.

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