Transamerica Rings NYSE Bell to Celebrate Recent DeltaShares Launch

Transamerica rang today’s opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange including Marijn Smit, head of Transamerica Asset Management, to celebrate the recent launch of DeltaShares.

The DeltaShares by Transamerica suite of four strategic beta ETFs is designed to provide core equity strategies with an embedded risk-management feature. DeltaShares by Transamerica are the first and only suite of ETFs that track the S&P Managed Risk 2.0 Index Series so that investors can track the performance of a given segment of the equity market while seeking to control volatility.

Tom Wald, chief investment officer for Transamerica Asset Management, said the DeltaShares ETFs aim to help investors participate in rising equity markets in order to meet retirement goals and fund liabilities, while potentially reducing downside risk during falling markets.

“Through a combination of stocks, U.S. Treasury Bonds, and cash, these DeltaShares ETFs will seek to optimize the most appropriate combination of these investment choices through a rules-based methodology based on stock market volatility trends,” Wald said. “DeltaShares by Transamerica is setting out to enhance the link between risk and reward for institutions, retirees, and investors who are seeking competitive investment returns but remain sensitive to equity market losses and volatility.”