Tom Lydon Featured on Capital Allocators With Ted Seides Podcast

ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon is featured on the latest podcast episode of Capital Allocators With Ted Seides.

During the hour-long podcast, Lydon discusses his early career and what drove people to buy or sell a mutual fund in those early days.

He then talked about the evolution of ETFs and today’s landscape, before diving into a diverse range of topics such as fees, distribution, and tax efficiencies to potential landmines and risks in the ETF space.

Here’s a look at the topics discussed throughout the episode:

2:01  – A look at Tom’s early career

4:52 – What drove people to buy or sell a mutual fund in those early days

5:33 – How did Tom’s sell signal just before Black Monday impact the business

6:21 – What were the right funds to invest with

6:56 – What were the key trends during the 80’s and 90’s

8:25 – Layers of cost for mutual funds in the early days

9:04 – Average active management fee back then

10:56 – Evolution of ETF’s

13:49 – Some numbers on the ETF landscape today

15:40 – Why did the last downturn foster more growth in ETFs

18:08 – The institutional presence in the ETF market

18:55 – Fees in the ETF space