Today's ETF Portfolio Strategies for Long-Term Portfolio Construction

Today’s advisors need to be able to adapt to an ever changing investment landscape. Financial advisors can adapt their existing strategies to strengthen their core asset class allocation by applying newly created ETF tools.

On the upcoming webcast, Today’s ETF Portfolio Strategies For Long-Term Portfolio Construction, Andy O’Rourke, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer for Direxion and Portfolio+ ETFs, and Tom Hardin, Founder and CEO of Canterbury Group, will lead a discussion about how to create and maintain an efficient portfolio, using a process that is dynamic enough to manage even the most extreme market conditions.

For example, investors can look to a relatively new family of ETFs, called Portfolio+ ETFs, which can potentially enhance a bullish stance by providing 25% added daily exposure to popular broad-based indexes targeted by advisors. The ETFs include the Portfolio+ S&P Mid Cap ETF (PPMC), Portfolio+ Developed Markets ETF (PPDM), Portfolio+ Emerging Markets ETF (PPEM), Portfolio+ Total Bond Market ETF (PPTB), Portfolio+ S&P 500 ETF (PPLC) – formerly Direxion Daily S&P 500® Bull 1.25X Shares, and Portfolio+ S&P Small Cap ETF (PPSC) – formerly Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 1.25X Shares.

The lightly leveraged solutions can be applied to common asset allocation strategies to seek greater upside potential over time. If investors believe that a portfolio offering 100% exposure to the markets is good, it stands to reason that a portfolio with 125% exposure can be better, even after full consideration of the potential risks.

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These products do well in trending markets. They offer great upside potential. If you believe markets will generally rise over time — and agree that times of high volatility are infrequent and short lived — you can believe that these products will work for you.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about portfolio construction can register for the Tuesday, April 17 webcast here.