Global X Launches Actively Managed China Disruption ETF, 'KEJI'

Global X ETFs, the New York-based provider of ETFs, announced the launch of the Global X China Disruption ETF (KEJI) on Wednesday. The fund will be among the first actively managed ETFs to target disruption in China and will seek to invest in innovative Chinese companies across several powerful themes.

KEJI merges two of Global X’s core areas of expertise developed over more than ten years: accessing Chinese markets and harnessing disruptive trends. The fund will join the firm’s Thematic Growth family of ETFs and provide targeted access to companies at the leading edge of several themes reshaping China’s economy and the world at large.

“China is rapidly emerging as a hotspot for global disruption. The country’s cutting-edge technologies in areas like 5G, e-commerce, and gaming have placed Chinese enterprises on the world stage, and the growth of its healthcare and clean energy industries further underscores China’s expanding global influence,” said Chelsea Rodstrom, research analyst at Global X. “In bringing together our knowledge of disruptive themes with Mirae Asset’s seasoned portfolio managers, investors will have access to the dynamic and wide-ranging landscape of innovation in China with KEJI.”

A Long-Term China Drive

Global X will leverage its thematic research capabilities to pinpoint long-term, structural themes that are expected to be the most impactful in China over the coming decades. Themes may be driven by advancements in disruptive technologies, changing demographics and consumer preferences, or adaptations to the physical environment.

KEJI intends to access the following themes: Autonomous & Electric Vehicles, Climate Change, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Education, FinTech, 5G & the Internet of Things, Healthcare Innovation, Infrastructure Development, Longevity, Rising Emerging Markets Consumers, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Social Media and Video Games & E-sports.

The fund is sub-advised by Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong) Limited, an affiliate of Global X, which will apply its extensive research and experience within the region to select and weight securities in an effort to best capture each theme and to balance risks. Under normal market conditions, the sub-adviser will seek to limit single stocks to a 10% weighting and the aggregate weight of each theme to 35% of the portfolio. The fund will invest across several Chinese equity share classes, including Chinese A Shares, H Shares, and ADRs.

KEJI will draw on the firm’s expertise in China and thematic investing – totaling a combined 37 ETFs and $16 billion in assets under management across these categories – and will leverage Mirae Asset’s local presence and team of Asia-focused research analysts in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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