Global X Further Looks to Capture Rising Demand for "Green" Buildings With GRNR

Global X ETFs on Wednesday announced the launch of the Global X Green Building ETF (GRNR). GRNR is the New York-based ETF issuer’s latest addition to its suite of Thematic Growth ETFs, which offers investors targeted exposure to companies around the world driving long-term, paradigm-shifting themes.

GRNR seeks to invest in companies that are positioned to benefit from increased demand for buildings that reduce or eliminate negative impacts, and/or create positive impacts, on the natural environment, including those involved in green building development, green building management, and green building technologies and materials.

The fund, which trades on the Nasdaq, will track the Solactive Green Building Index and will join the Global X Thematic Growth suite of 35 ETFs, which has more than $19 billion in assets under management.

The global population is expanding at a rapid pace and becoming increasingly urban. By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion, 68% of which is projected to live in urban areas.

This swift increase in population will make additional places for people to live, work, and congregate necessary, requiring building stock to double. However, buildings account for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions, and urban environments and city dwellers are expected to become increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including extreme heat events and rising sea levels.

With buildings responsible for up to 38% of energy-related carbon emissions globally and 50% of all extracted materials, green buildings are key to reducing building-related emissions and improving urban resiliency in the face of climate change.

“The green building sector represents a multi trillion-dollar opportunity designed to meet the rapidly increasing demand for buildings while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and boosting climate resiliency,” said Pedro Palandrani, director of research at Global X, in a news release announcing the fund’s launch.

Palandrani added: “We expect green buildings to continue to gain market share due to increasing demand for sustainable solutions and new regulations, and I’m thrilled that Global X is leveraging its thematic expertise to seek to provide investors with access to companies involved in several business activities related to green building.”

GRNR has an expense ratio of 0.45%.

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