ETF Managed Portfolios: A Simple Way for Advisors to Enhance Business

As financial advisors grow accustomed to exchange traded funds, many are looking into ETF model portfolios in separate accounts to enhance their businesses and help clients diversify to meet the challenges ahead.

“I think that space is very active because financial advisors are looking to scale their business, and this is a very simple way to take intellectual capital and apply it to their entire practice,” Jon Maier, CIO, Global X, said at the Inside ETFs conference.

ETF managed portfolios are investment strategies that hold more than 50% of assets invested in ETFs and represented one of the fastest-growing segments in the space of the separate account. Specifically, ETF managed portfolios offer three major investment themes: tactical, strategic, and hybrid mix. The tactical offerings provide short-term plays to capitalize on investment opportunities that are forming, whereas the strategic play provides long-term allocation across sectors and asset classes. Additionally, the hybrid mix includes a combination of tactical and strategic elements.

At the start of the year, Global X’s advisor resources developed a neatly packaged content hub where subscribers can track their managed portfolios quickly and efficiently. The information hub provides a closer look at the design of their model portfolios for growth and income as well as across five risk profiles.

Global X’s portfolio catalog currently includes five Core Series Portfolios, from Conservative to Aggressive, along with four Equity Completion Portfolios, including Equity Thematic Disruptors, Equity Sector and Themes, Equity Income and China Sector.

Watch Jon Maier Discuss Enhancing Business Strategy:

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