Is Solar Energy the Solution? with Robert Lane

This episode covers the current environment for solar energy, including recent headwinds and legislation, as well as what the future of the industry looks like.

As sweltering temperatures strain the U.S. power grid, how does this help the outlook for solar energy? Robert Lane, CFO of the residential solar energy company Sunnova, joins this episode. We discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act has impacted the adoption of solar, the current hurdles of upgrading the U.S. electrical grid, and the effectiveness of net metering. Robert talks about the different forms of solar businesses, the industry’s potential for growth, and the importance of batteries. Finally, we go through what considerations to make if you’re thinking of investing in solar for your home.

Trends with Benefits #107: Is Solar Energy the Solution? with Robert Lane

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Is Solar Energy the Solution? with Robert Lane

Show Notes:

05:25 Factors affecting the solar industry
08:02 Distributive energy
15:44 Net metering
21:08 Outlook for batteries
22:30 Sunnova’s business model
27:20 Potential for growth in Sunnova
30:05 Deciding if solar is right for your home
34:22 Long-term trend
36:12 Trend or Fad

Trend or Fad

Listen for Robert’s view on fusion, private credit, pickleball, and cultured meat.
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