Syntax Advisors Launches New Stratified Weight ETF, 'SYUS' | ETF Trends

On Friday, Syntax Advisors, LLC announced the launch of the Syntax Stratified U.S. Total Market ETF (SYUS), available for trading on NYSE Arca. SYUS launched with $21M in AUM, and it marks the fourth and latest ETF in Syntax’s expanded family of Stratified Weight funds.

Syntax offers an innovative alternative to cap weighted index products through a full suite of Stratified Weighted ETFs covering the S&P 500, S&P 600, and S&P 400 indexes and the U.S. Total Market. Stratified Weighting is designed to maintain diversified business risk exposure and capture a fuller range of market opportunities for investors.

Syntax’s investment approach (“Stratification”) was developed over a 10-year period and is based on a significant re-evaluation of cap weighted indexing. In recent years, this traditional approach has resulted in the over-concentration in many portfolios of a small group of large cap companies (i.e., FANGS) in a similar industry (i.e., technology).

Syntax takes the world’s most widely used index benchmarks and reweights them to reflect diversified business risk across numerous industries. Instead of concentrating on the largest companies and the most popular sectors, Syntax’s patented process determines the common risks companies and industries face, then equally divides these stocks within carefully defined segments. This process seeks to provide investors with more balanced exposure across available business opportunities while still engaged in indexing.

Syntax Advisors LLC provides investors with rules-based, diversified exposure to business risks via products that track Syntax Stratified Weight Indices, including the Syntax Stratified LargeCap ETF (SSPY)Syntax Stratified MidCap ETF (SMDY), and the Syntax Stratified SmallCap ETF (SSLY).

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