STOXX Launches AI Index Based on AI

He explained that the core intelligent framework behind Yewno’s technology, “leverages advanced techniques typically applied within the fields of complex systems, computational linguistics and AI, and provides a unique platform to readily generate intelligent signals such as data packages, indices, and advanced analytics.”

The key criterion used in the selection process is the identification of patent filings related to AI, which can indicate leading AI innovators as well as AI adopters. The underlying universe for the index composition is the STOXX Global and Developed Markets Total Market Index, which tracks around 7,000 stocks.

When talking about the unrivaled investment opportunity present in AI technology, Andreetto said, “investors need solutions to discern hype from a real opportunity. With our two new transparent, rules-based AI indices for AI-focused investors we offer them choice: on the one hand, a classical, revenue-based approach; on the other hand, a progressive, AI IP-based approach, where an AI algorithm is used in the selection of companies.”

In addition to the innovative AI index based on AI, STOXX also launched the STOXX® Global Artificial Intelligence Index today, which includes companies with a revenue exposure above 50% to AI-related sectors.

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