Sterling Launches New Equity ETF, 'LCG' | ETF Trends

On Thursday, Sterling Capital Management LLC (Sterling) announced the launch of the Focus Equity ETF (NYSE: LCG), which is now available to the public. The Focus ETF is the first exchange-traded fund launched by Sterling and will be the first of several ETFs to be offered on a Sterling ETF platform.

“The creation of this ETF is a first for Sterling, and will greatly enhance our distribution efforts,” said John W. McAuley, CIMA, Head of Intermediary Distribution and Marketing. “We are very confident that this product will be the first in a long line of active ETFs here at Sterling.”

The Fund will be managed by Lead Portfolio Manager Colin R. Ducharme, CFA® and Associate Portfolio Manager Jeremy M. Lopez, CFA®.

“We are excited to broaden our investor access through the new Sterling Capital Focus Equity ETF,” said Ducharme. “The Focus Equity ETF seeks long-term capital appreciation and is performance-focused, active, and flexible. We believe this strategy provides significant excess return potential since it invests with conviction and is built to be different from its benchmark. Leveraging unconstrained idea sourcing, we allocate seeking to both preserve and grow investor capital.”

“Our performance will stem from Sterling Capital’s investment platform, which is backed by our consistent philosophy and tenured team and benefits from access to the broad resources that Truist Financial Corporation provides,” said Lopez. “We bring our group’s “four process pillars” – consisting of the potential for operating growth, strong financial profiles, high profitability, and attractive valuation – to bear on our management of Focus Equity.”

Ducharme continued, “We designed the Fund to include a variety of strong companies with skilled management who can benefit from attractive sector themes. We also believe our long-term approach may help make the Fund more tax efficient.”

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