Why Investors Should Always Currency Hedge | ETF Trends

While the U.S. dollar has weakened against foreign currencies, international stock investors should still keep in mind the benefits of hedging foreign exchange swings ahead and even look to targeted exchange traded fund strategies to limit currency risks.

“Our view is that you should almost always currency hedge,” Luke Oliver, Managing Director and Head of ETF Capital Markets for DWS, said at the Inside ETFs 2018 conference. “The fundamentals for a strengthening dollar still remains – rates are rising quicker here than elsewhere. You have a positive carry to currency hedge, and you also reduce your volatility.”

The currency-hedged international investment strategy is not a short-term play but a strategic long-term view for portfolio construction when incorporating international market exposure, which just so happens to be a good opportunity right now as many foreign markets look attractive relative to the pricey valuations here back at home.

“We see a strong case for always being hedged,” Arne Noack, Head of ETPs Development for DWS, said. “You significantly reduce the volatility, so it is not only necessary on the return play but also reduction play, the risk reduction play for your portfolio.”