Webcast Podcast Edition: Arnott on Smart Beta - A Better Way Forward with Multi-Factor

In this ETF Trends Webcast Podcast Edition, Arnott on Smart Beta: A Better Way Forward with Multi-Factor, experts from Research Affiliates and PIMCO discuss the challenges faced by equity investors and the role PIMCO’s RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor ETFs can play in seeking enhanced return and diversification potential.

Tom Lydon, Editor and Publisher of ETF Trends, moderates the discussion on:

  • Current equity market environment and the equity investor’s dilemma
  • Trend chasing and the risks of smart beta and factor investing
  • The benefits of a dynamic approach to factor weightings
  • The RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor methodology
  • How advisors can utilize a multi-factor approach to diversify an investment portfolio

Listen to the webcast in podcast format here:

The experts featured on the webcast are:

  • Robert Arnott, Founder and Chairman, Research Affiliates
  • Raji O. Manasseh, Equity Strategist, PIMCO

For financial advisors seeking CE Credits from this webcast, you must watch the online video version for at least 50 minutes and complete a short quiz, which can be found by clicking here