Turn The Lights on For This Utilities ETF

A recent increase in equity market volatility is benefiting some traditionally defensive sectors, including utilities. Those benefits are being accrued by some sector exchange traded funds using fundamental or smart beta weighting methodologies, including the Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum Portfolio (NASDAQ: PUI).

The Invesco DWA Utilities Momentum Portfolio, which is up nearly 4% this month, was one of just two ETFs hitting record highs on Friday.

The utilities sector was suppose to be a throw away investment as many anticipated a strong economy with a full labor market to push up interest rates, which traditionally weighed on the bond-like utilities stocks.

However, with inflation relatively under control and benchmark Treasury yields still stuck around 3%, utilities remain attractive for yield hunters. Moreover, after the recent bout of volatility, investors are still still looking at the bond-esque sector as a safe way to remain the game and generate some extra dividends on the side.

Inside PUI ETF

PUI recently turned 13 years old and holds 31 stocks. The fund targets the DWA Utilities Technical Leaders Index.

That index “is designed to identify companies that are showing relative strength (momentum), and is composed of at least 30 securities from the NASDAQ US Benchmark Index. Relative strength is the measurement of a security’s performance in a given universe over time as compared to the performance of all other securities in that universe,” according to Invesco.