Knowledge Leaders ETF Tops $100 Million in AUM

The Knowledge Leaders Developed World ETF (NYSEArca: KLDW), which debuted just over two years ago, is the latest ETF to top $100 million in assets under management. KLDW tracks international developed markets and is the first exchange traded fund based on the so-called Knowledge Effect.

The index-based Knowledge Leaders ETFs select companies based on the innovation process and other criteria, including characteristics like intangible property as a percentage of assets, intangible investments as percentage of sales, gross margins, financial leverage, net debt as percentage of capital, operating cash flow margin, free cash flow margin and return on invested capital.

Due to its quality control, KLDW also exhibits a greater Sharpe ratio than the Morningstar category average, or a greater risk-adjusted return as the smart beta ETF provides improved diversification benefits, lower drawdowns and enhanced upside potential.

To be precise, KLDW had $103.4 million in assets under management as of Oct. 23rd.

“The Knowledge Leaders ETF also continued its record of outperformance since inception, illustrating the tendency of Knowledge Leaders to deliver excess returns. Since inception, KLDW has outperformed the MSCI World Index by 2.81% and the Morningstar World Large Stock category average by 3.44% (NAV, annualized, as of 9/30/17),” according to a statement from Knowledge Leaders Capital.

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