Greater Education Is Required to Help Smart Beta ETF Adoption

Smart beta exchange traded funds have made a splash in the financial industry, but financial advisors and investors remain wary of the products, citing unfamiliarity with the strategies as their main cause of concern.

Consequently, companies like Hartford Funds are making greater strides in educating the investment community and the benefits of these alternative index-based products.

Hartford Funds recently announced that it is launching its “whiteboard video series” to educate investors and advisors about all things relating to strategic beta ETFs.

“As the strategic beta category continues to grow both at Hartford Funds and in the marketplace at large, it’s important for investors and advisors to understand the role these products can play in portfolios and how to effectively implement them,” Ted Lucas, head of Systematic Strategies and ETFs at Hartford Funds, said in a note. “We created the ‘Strategic Beta ETFs Explained’ video series to break these concepts down into a digestible and engaging format so advisors and their clients can make better informed decisions to help investors reach their long-term goals.”

The series will touch upon a number of relevant topics, such as high level strategic beta concepts and how the ETFs operate within a portfolio.