Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Manager?

Artificial intelligence has the ability to make positive, impactful change in the world. There’s just one problem – machine learning inherits our own biases. Amazon had to scrap its predictiving hiring AI after feeding in a decade’s worth of resumes only to find the artificial intelligence preferred male candidates and penalized resumes with only women colleagues listed or that even said the word “women.” In order for artificial intelligence to really be effective we will need to reckon with implicit bias. But in the meantime, there are several artificial intelligence solutions that can help your business run more smoothly – if you trust them to do so.

Hiring is a process that is long and tedious, and for small businesses it can take so much of your time that you don’t seem to have time for much else. Artificial intelligence can lend a hand, sorting through potential candidates and sorting them into categories based on qualifications, experience, and more. FlatPi is an automated end-to-end hiring platform that weights applicants based on criteria you set. But even if you don’t trust AI to handle this level of task, there are plenty of other things AI can help you with.

 Managed By Q is an office management hub that can help your office manager be more efficient. It helps office managers gather quotes for services from multiple providers, ensuring the best quality work, product, or service for the price. It can help manage billing and payments through one system, and can help employees input requests for supplies and services so the office manager can then deal with them in one, organized place.

Scheduling, both for customer and client appointments as well as employee schedules, is another area where AI can save you time. X-AI can make appointments for you in your calendar if you cc it on your emails, incorporating reminders into Slack and anywhere else you need, saving you time by handling the extra steps of putting things into your calendar for you.

iCEO can help replace your project manager by breaking up projects into smaller tasks, assigning those tasks to individuals, and even hiring freelancers and gig workers to get those tasks done.

Learn more about the many ways AI can replace your manager or even help your manager become more efficient and effective from this infographic. Are you ready to let artificial intelligence take over the menial, day-to-day tasks of your business and make you more productive?

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Manager