Slow Burn for MJ ETF After Post-Midterm High

The SAFE Act would disallow the federal government from punishing banks from offering services to marijuana-related businesses where it is legal, while the STATES Act would effectively eliminate federal involvement altogether in any of the states’ marijuana laws. Since the latter is more all-encompassing, it would likely come under the most scrutiny.

According to Fagan, Democrats controlling the house marks “a fundamental shift in the U.S. legislative landscape which could usher in a period of positive cannabis reform.”

“For instance, Dems will now gain majority control of the powerful House Rules Committee, which previously acted as a dogged gatekeeper of positive cannabis reform for the past 2 years under the oversight of anti-cannabis Republican Pete Sessions,” Fagan wrote.

Jeff Sessions Replacement

The resignation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the midterm elections could pave the way for even more gains for MJ, but his replacement may prove otherwise. Among the names considered for Sessions’ replacement include Alex Azar, Pam Bondi and Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and John Ratcliffe–all names with positions on marijuana that are suspect.

Sessions has been an ardent opponent of marijuana legislation, going as far as calling cannabis a “very real danger” and that individuals of the highest ethics “don’t smoke marijuana.” Ever since Sessions recused himself from the investigation of possible collusion between Russia and U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, he’s caught the ire of the president.

Because of this, rumors were swirling that Sessions would probably step down as early as the beginning of next year or even get fired by President Trump. The initial thought was that supporters of marijuana legislation could rejoice since Sessions’ resignation will mean one less obstacle to contend with and hopefully less legislative miring in the proverbial bureaucratic red tape.

However, Session’s replacement and his or her conduciveness to cannabis legislation will be a major factor for MJ going forward.

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