“I think what Schwab is trying to do is really build the whole package for an ETF investor,” Droller said.

With this expansion, Schwab ETF OneSource will add ETFs in the following Morningstar Categories: Communications, Foreign Small/Mid Value, Latin America Stock, Long-Term Bond, Multisector Bond, Muni California Long, Muni National Intermediate, Muni New York Intermediate, World Small/Mid Stock.

A list of the 246 funds that will be added to Schwab ETF OneSource on March 1 will be available at AboutSchwab.com at 8 am ET on February 12.

Assets in Schwab ETF OneSource reached $115 billion as of December 31, 2018, growing by 10 percent over 2017. Flows into ETFs in the program for the year totaled $22.8 billion, representing 49 percent of the total ETF flows at Schwab.

“We launched six years ago and since then, we’ve almost increased the number of ETFs five-fold,” said Droller.

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