Running with the Bulls Safely in Today's Market | ETF Trends

The equities bull market is in its ninth year and the longest ever bull market run, but increasing volatility and conflicting headlines regarding future market prospects raise concerns investors should consider. How do you continue to participate in market growth while the growl of a bear market grows louder?

On the upcoming webcast, Running with the Bulls Safely in Today’s Market, Robert Schuster, Chief Product Officer at Ned Davis Research, Stephen Blumenthal, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer for CMG Capital Management Group, and Edward Lopez, Head of ETF Product Management at VanEck, will discuss how the Market Pulse Signal can help investors navigate market storms with a tactical investment strategy.

Investors who are wary of potential pullbacks in an extended bull market environment may turn to alternative strategies, such as the VanEck Vectors Real Asset Allocation ETF (NYSE Arca: RAAX), to diversify their portfolios. RAAX looks to real asset exposures including commodities and companies involved in natural resources, real estate, and infrastructure.

Real assets can potentially help investors combat rising inflation, enhance portfolio diversification, and participate in global growth. The new ETF is a type of fund-of-funds that uses a rules-based model to allocate among approximately 12 exchange-traded products (ETPs) and has the ability to allocate up to 100% to cash and cash equivalents in the event of market stress.

The dynamic weighting methodology may be seen as an “optimized allocation process provides exposure to segments with positive expected returns while managing overall portfolio risk,” according to VanEck.