Roundhill Investments and IOD Launch Digital Infrastructure ETF, BYTE

On Thursday, Roundhill Investments launched the Roundhill IO Digital Infrastructure ETF (BYTE). BYTE seeks to provide investors with exposure to the potential growth opportunities of the digital infrastructure sector.

Digital infrastructure is comprised of the high-tech physical assets that support the efficient storage and transmission of data that powers the internet. These assets may include fixed-line, high-speed data transmission technology and hardware (such as fiber optic cable and certain “last-mile” technologies that bring data to and from the end-user), data centers, mobile towers and related infrastructure, and other long-lived physical infrastructure assets.

BYTE is designed to offer investors exposure to digital infrastructure by tracking, before fees and expenses, the performance of the IO Digital Infrastructure Index. The index is managed by IO Digital Index Partners, a newly-formed indexing and research firm led by seasoned investors and repeat founders of leading private investment firms.

“We have the fundamental belief that digital infrastructure assets are the data highways of the modern world, underpinning the hopes and dreams for our future. Anytime you work remotely, stream a movie, use social media, use the cloud, game online, or simply open a mobile app, you are relying on digital infrastructure to provide a perfect experience. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Roundhill to bring access to these world-class businesses to investors everywhere,” said IO Digital Index Partners.

BYTE holdings as of October 27, 2021 include mobile tower companies (like American Tower, at a 5.8% weight), broadband providers (like Altice USA, at a 5.3% weight), and data center companies (like Equinix, at a 2.7% weight).

“We believe digital infrastructure is the backbone underpinning the growth of the consumer internet globally. Whether you’re playing Roblox, hosting a conference call on Zoom, or trading cryptocurrency, you are relying on the physical infrastructure assets that enable high-speed data transmission. With BYTE, we are seeking to provide retail and institutional investors a vehicle to invest in the potential growth of the internet while offering the potential for the stability and cash flow profile of hard assets.” said Will Hershey, CEO and co-founder of Roundhill Investments.

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About Roundhill Investments:

Roundhill Investments is a registered investment adviser focused on developing innovative financial products designed to offer exposure to investment themes that appeal to the next generation of investors. To learn more about the company, please visit

About IO Digital Index Partners:

IO Digital Index Partners (IOD) seeks to broaden access to companies that capitalize on the secular growth of the Internet of Everything. As society’s demand for fast, secure, ubiquitous connectivity grows, the opportunity to capitalize on that demand grows with it. IOD’s IO Digital Infrastructure Index (BYTE Index) is the leading benchmark for measuring the performance of digital infrastructure businesses around the world.