Match Robot KPIs with your Work Shifts

We always remind ourselves that the only thing that all factories have in common is that they’re all different. Learn how you can customize our Insights monitoring software to your production reality, even if your business runs 24 hours a day on many different time zones.

Set shifts and operating times

 You can now set your KPIs based  on your work shifts, measuring  production on your actual schedule instead of a full day on the calendar.
current time period KPI
current time period KPI
Full day vs operating hours
This will determine the robot’s work shifts, counted in hours and days. Those hours are called operating times, which will then be considered in every KPI graph.
robotiq insights interface efficiency chartFollow progress during your robot’s operating hours

Set robot time zone

If you operate in many different time zones, your can now monitor your robots in your facilities all around the world in their own local time and coordinate more easily with your staff on site.

Robotiq insights robot timezone

Follow each robot’s progress in its own time zone

Each robot you connect on Insights can now be set in its own time zone, which will affect data display on graphs, operating times and shifts, logs of events and your daily, weekly and monthy reports.

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