Natasha Jaques: "Recent Advances in AI and Machine Learning" | ETF Trends

Artificial intelligence is one of the most rapidly growing domains in computer science, due to accelerated progress in the areas of machine learning and deep learning. Companies are aggressively expanding the size of their machine learning teams, and constantly finding new ways to deploy these techniques in products.

“So why have machine learning and deep learning garnered so much attention recently? This talk will give a brief introduction to these topics, and go over some recent advances they have made possible. Natasha will then describe several of her own recent research projects, spanning machine learning for healthcare, creative AI, and reinforcement learning. For example, she will show how we can use machine learning to accurately predict a person’s happiness, stress, and health tomorrow, using data collected from their smartphone today. Deep learning can also successfully generate novel molecules to aid in drug discovery, novel music, and even learn to draw! Finally, she will show how endowing AI agents with social awareness can improve their ability to learn.”

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