How Robots Will Create Higher-Paying Jobs

By Mariane Davids

Robots are moving into manufacturing at an accelerated rate. This is either exciting or terrifying, depending on who you ask. But although these new robotic workers will take over some jobs, that doesn’t mean they will eliminate jobs for humans.

The truth is actually the opposite. Robots are poised to help create jobs for humans. In fact, these jobs will be more rewarding and offer better pay, resulting in a better future for everyone.

Adding robots to the factory floor creates a better future for everyone.

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How Can Robot Create Jobs?

According to A3 Solutions, which compiled data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “US companies added 136,748 robots to factory floors over the past seven years, while creating 894,000 new manufacturing jobs.” This is a shocking statistic that illustrates just how beneficial robots can be for humans.

Each robot requires someone to operate, maintain, and program it. This allows several new jobs to be created for each robot added to the floor. While these jobs may seem very different from traditional blue-collar work, companies can cross-train their current workers and grow their skills over time.