Benefits of Using a Parallel Robot Gripper

How things have changed in just 5 years!

Our grippers demonstrated the advantages of electric grippers and the industry finally agrees with us.

We probably could have kept making only rotational grippers. But, recently people started coming to us with a new need. They were missing some of the customization and high precision that those traditional translational, parallel grippers provided.

The new generation of electric translational gripper

We wondered: Could we combine the benefits of our electric rotational grippers into a translational, high-precision gripper?

And that was the birth of Hand-E.

Hand-E is a translational, parallel gripper. But, it is quite different from those early pneumatic grippers with all their limitations. It combines the advantages of today’s electric gripping technology with the customization options of a translational gripper.

In its own way, Hand-E is also very adaptive. That’s why it’s part of the Adaptive Gripper range. Instead of adapting to objects by its flexible finger structure — as the 2-Fingered Adaptive Grippers do — it allows you to adapt the fingertip design (if you want to) to suit your application.

Here are some of the unique properties of Hand-E:

  • Sub-mm precision.
  • Built-in grip detection.
  • Wide stroke, for its size.
  • Able to work in tight environments.

Our 10 years experience making grippers has given us the expertise we needed. We’ve now created a plug-and-play gripper which has both the advantages of our rotational grippers and the advantages of translational grippers. But, without the disadvantages of those pneumatic actuators.

Do I need a rotational or an translational gripper?

You might be thinking: The new gripper sounds good, but how do I decide between an rotational and a translational gripper!?

The decision of which type of gripper you should purchase is often a hard one. There are so many options on the market! In the past, you may have seen catalogs with pages and page of actuators, including hundreds of models of similar-looking grippers.

Don’t worry. At Robotiq, we like to make decisions as simple as possible.

Get in touch and we’ll help you to decide which type of gripper is best suited to your application.

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