AI Imitation Learning Tutorial

Yisong Yue and Hoang M Le of the California Institute of Technology provide a tutorial on artificial intelligence machine learning at the 2018 International Conference on Machine Learning.

“In this tutorial, we aim to present to researchers and industry practitioners a broad overview of imitation learning techniques and recent applications. Imitation learning is a powerful and practical alternative to reinforcement learning for learning sequential decision-making policies. Also known as learning from demonstrations or apprenticeship learning, imitation learning has benefited from recent progress in core learning techniques, increased availability and fidelity of demonstration data, as well as the computational advancements brought on by deep learning. We expect the tutorial to be highly relevant for researchers & practitioners who have interests in reinforcement learning, structured prediction, planning and control. The ideal audience member should have familiarity with basic supervised learning concepts. No knowledge of reinforcement learning techniques will be assumed.”

To watch the complete presentation, click below:

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