A.I. is a Major Long-Term Driver For Robotics ETFs | ETF Trends

After slumping the ROBO Global Robotics & Automation Index ETF (NYSEArca: ROBO), the original robotics ETF, is getting its grove back and is higher by 20% this year. Short-term gains are nice, but many of the catalysts that could drive the robotics sector and ETFs like ROBO higher are long-term drivers.

Disruptive technology is not relegated to certain sectors as it will permeate into all industries in some form or fashion. For example, augmented reality is technology comprised of digital images superimposed over the real world, and its use is primed to drive industry growth–industries like real estate and manufacturing are already putting the technology to use in a variety of ways.

One of those drivers is artificial intelligence, also known as AI. AI, in particular, is gaining widespread attention for its ability to disrupt a variety of sectors. In the financial space, AI can be used to perform risk-reward analysis, fraud detection and advisory services, but how does the technology specifically serve ETFs?

Data suggest the global AI opportunity is massive.

“By one estimate, AI contributed a whopping $2 trillion to global GDP last year. By 2030, it could be as much as $15.7 trillion, ‘making it the biggest commercial opportunity in today’s fast changing economy,’ according to a recent report by PwC, reports ETF Daily News.

So Many Applications

AI’s impact is expected to be felt across scores of industries and everyday fields, including healthcare, technology and many more.